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TMJ Disorders and Airway Problems: A Holistic Approach

We prioritize being airway aware and airway focused in our approach to patient care. This means we recognize the importance of optimal airway function and its impact on overall health. By considering the airway during our evaluations and treatments, we can help identify and address any potential issues that may be affecting breathing and sleep quality. Additionally, we understand the significant connection between TMJ disorders and airway problems, as they can often be interconnected. Through our expertise and advanced techniques, we aim to provide comprehensive solutions that improve both airway health and TMJ function for a better quality of life.


Sleep Apnea

We offer oral appliances that reposition the jaw, improving airflow and reducing sleep apnea symptoms. We also offer the innovative VIVOS system, which goes beyond jaw repositioning to expand the jaws and improve the airway space. Our expertise in orthodontics allows us to identify and address any underlying jaw alignment issues that may contribute to sleep apnea. With our comprehensive approach, we strive to help our patients achieve restful sleep and improve their overall well-being.



TMJ/TMD symptoms can be confusing, as they often involve various parts of the head and neck. Our unique approach emphasizes identifying the root cause of your symptoms and developing a personalized non-surgical rehabilitation plan for optimal healing and function. Our advanced diagnostic workup and collaboration with other disciplines ensure that you receive the most effective treatment, which may include custom orthopedic oral orthotics, nutritional counseling, physical therapy, and coordinated referrals.